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Skills we have trained have brought us here to where we are today. What you are capable of in the future will be thanks to what you do in the todays. Without Maths, the local shop might be charging excess for his smile, Without the power of language, everything might be a yeah nah,- that's a yes when its really a no. If suddenly you must do, when you don't know what, is no choice, but with knowledge and training gives option and option is empower. You may not need maths but it appears in many ways like wing chun does in a normal persons life. The neutral stance of wing chun looks like a starting ready tennis player, or Skier, or ready bullfighter ,or soccer goally, or a farmer carring hay in the tornado, but Wing Chun neutral stance is really a ice hockey goaly standing on ice. I think the stance is really Elvis when he was singing ahaa haa but Wing Chun used this stance hundreds of years before all of these sports and singers etc ! This is where knowledge of one thing can help in in many other types of things and although a person can get along in life by a close shave, life has many plug ins to be compedent and successful, otherwise hoping on others rescue and charity can be slow.
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