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Experiences - Ben

Hi, my name is Ben and I have been learning Wing Chun Kung Fu with Sifu Tony for almost three years. Wing Chun has been my most fun and favorite pastime ever since I started, and what I have learnt has flown into and complimented every other aspect of my life.

I joined Wing Chun because originally I felt the need to learn how to protect myself. And after checking around a few types of Martial Arts and talking to people who had done various different martial arts, I heard about this thing called Wing Chun.

The person who originally informed me about it, had done 5 different martial arts, and rated Wing Chun as the supreme of all the martial Arts he had seen. He described to me some of the aspects and principles and I could not help but want to check it out. He explained to me that not only did it eventually teach you how to fight blind folded, (which is an amazing thing in itself) but that it was what Bruce lee learnt - which is why he was so good, and that also you didn't need to be heavily physically conditioned or strong to use it! As it is based in simplistic techniques that can be used by anyone!

As I discovered, Wing Chun has lived up to all the amazing stuff I heard about it and far, far more! It is incredibly effective as self defense, unbelievable in its fighting technique, it is easy to learn, and just needs practice to be able to do it. One of the greatest things about learning Wing Chun with Sifu Tony is that you learn it in a non competitive, non aggressive, friendly environment. It is allot of fun and you do not have to fight or feel intimidated while learning. The fighting aspect comes a little later once you learnt control and how to defend yourself properly! Eventually it becomes like a skilful game that you can play with your classmates.

Wing Chun kung fu is a martial art of amazing control, and it is almost like learning to drive your own body. Because It is something you are building inside yourself, it is very satisfying to learn and it gets you feeling great both physically and mentally. I have found that it is something that you work at and get over a period of time and the journey learning it is where the fun begins! Since starting it I have realized that it is more than just something to protect myself with, it is an investment in myself, my health and well being in all aspects.

Once I started doing Wing Chun correctly I found that after a class I would feel physically charged instead of drained like what I would after a working out in the gym. It has given me a different perspective on how my body can be used, as all of Wing Chun is designed to be healthy for the body. The stretching aspects of Wing Chun are similar to doing yoga, as they are based in all the same principles. There is no such thing as 'no pain no gain' in Wing Chun, its more like 'how easy was that! Wow! now I just need to practice that more!'

Wing Chun has increased my self confidence, self control, physical fitness and my ability to handle stress. It has made me much more flexible and I am now far more aware of my own body. Its great fun and I can only recommend it to anyone who feels like taking up a great exciting and happy martial art.

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