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Safety Tips for Women

If you live alone, leave a pair of men's shoes by the main entrance.

Use keys as a weapon by holding them in your fist with the keys poking between your fingers.

Don't walk the streets late at night, if you are anywhere alone and feel vulnerable call a friend
(or pretend to) on your mobile phone so that any potential attacker knows you are talking to someone.

Be wary when withdrawing money from cash machines when by yourself as they are a primary target for muggers,
go to a different machine or get your money out at a shop if there seems to be anyone suspicious around

When out drinking, keep an eye on your drink. Watch the bartender pour it
and if you think it has been tampered with at any point, don't drink it

Don't keep your spare house key in an obvious hiding place, like under the front door mat or under a nearby pot plant

Use your instincts - if a situation feels unsafe get out of it as quickly as possible

If you are at a bar or club and feel you are being harassed, notify the bouncer or bar staff immediately.

If it feels like an argument is going to get violent, walk away

Use a loud, assertive voice and confident body language if confronted by an attacker.
Maintain eye contact, take a mental note of their physical description and keep at a safe distance.

No matter the situation keep you breathing even and your body relaxed -
this maintains oxygen levels to the brain so you can still think clearly

The number one rule of Wing Chun ground fighting is get off of the ground as soon as possible.
Your mobility is very limited on the ground and it makes you more vulnerable.

In the worst case scenario, if you feel you are under real threat, poke or gouge your opponent in the eyes.
Wing Chun is the art of fighting with class, with complete control of your self and your balance.
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