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Wing Chun for Women

wing chun allows you to defend yourself against much larger and stronger opponents Women are often targets of attack because they are usually smaller and not as strong as their male counterparts. It is important for them to learn a self defense technique that does not rely on physical strength, but on using their opponents force against them. Often women are victims of men who cannot control themselves and have a lack of respect for themselves or anyone else. On many occasions the attacker is someone well known to the victim and the incident goes unreported.

Wing Chun doesn't focus on the physical strength of the student, but on giving the student knowledge of the 'power angles' and footwork skills that are the foundation of this martial art. The physics behind these movements are why they are so effective and the student gets a clear understanding of how they work when putting them into action during training.

The classes are relaxed, friendly and a positive environment in which to learn. You are encouraged to develop at your own pace and the classes do not require optimum fitness or encourage aggressive behavior.
Wing Chun is about using your opponent's force against themselves, expending minimum energy while having maximum control over yourself, your opponent and your situation. As your skills develop you'll find that you instinctively react to attacks with the correct movements and that you have a range of responses to choose from to effectively defend yourself.

Attacks on women are brutal and often involve sexual assault, leaving not only physical, but mental and emotional scars. As a woman, Wing Chun gives you the opportunity to discover more about who you really are and what you are capable of. You will also find a sense of control over yourself and your environment that will give you choices if you are in a dangerous situation. By learning to defend yourself and the people around you, you give yourself the invaluable knowledge of self preservation that may one day save your life.
by: Tara Davidson
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