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Wing Chun Fun
Wing Chun Fun
Wing Chun Swords form completion at Ip Mans home.
Sifu Ip Mans Son Sifu Ip Chun, (co creator of the Ip Man movies),chisau with Sifu Tony.
Sifu Albert Sparring in Hong Kong.
Two great friends at lunch. A Tribrute to know.
Masters at Lunch.
My friends having fun.
Sifu Ip Ching with Certified Sifu Tony Brooks New Zealand.
Sifu Ip Chun Chisauwith Sifu Tony Brooks.
Sifu Wong Shong Leungs Son, Sifu John, and Si Mo along with Sifu Tony.
Dragon Wing Chun HK
Sifu Ip Chun and Sifu Tony Brooks.
Sifu Paaul, a great person to spar, great speed and friend for decades.
Sifu Edward from the New Territories, A very skilled Sifu, who also trains with the Hong Kong Police.
A great friend, and diligent student of Sifu Ip Chun.
Sifu Ip Man and Sifu Tony Brooks
A Lovely man, Special Master of the Pole.
A good friend and skilled fighter.
Sifu Ip Ching testing skill.
Sifu Ip Chun & Sifu Tony Brooks.
Hong Kong
A great man, Student of Ip Man, and Also aWing Chun Pole Master.
skilled fighters of Hong Kong.
Sifu Albert, Wing Chun Master of Sifu Ip Ching.
Sifu Ip Ching visiting Dad, GrandMaster Ip Man with Sifu Tony Brooks.
Sifu Ron and Sifu Tony Brooks. Sifu Ron was the Head Representitive Director for Sifu Ip Chings Schools.
Wing Chun Sifus from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Martial Artists
Wooden man sparring.
Sifu Ip Chings representing Director, and President of the world wc council, Sifu Ron Heimberger.
Sifu Ip Ching and the Wing Chun Pole.
Masters from Germany.
Ip Man Bonsau and Bruce Lee Da Kuen.
Sifu Ron Heimberger and Biu Gee.
Sifu Ip Man Portrait.
Woodenman Class.
Wing Chun special photo Emblem endorsement.
Wooden man class with Sifu Ip Ching showing energies.
Chi Sau energy training of the hands.
New Territories Seminar
Son Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Man Portrait
Energy Hands
Visiting Ip Mans grave.
Sifu Ip Chings Association Director Sifu Ron Heimberger.
Sifu Ip Ching with Sifu Edmunds School in Hong Kongs New Territories with USA Sifu.
Sifu ip Ching Sparring.
Hong Kong New Territories sparring.
Bruce Lee Hong Kong
Wing Chun Pole Training in Hong Kong School.
Chisau at Ip Mans Home
Woodenman training in Hong Kong where Bruce Lee Trained.
Pole training Class.
Biu Gee Teachings at Ip Mans House with Sifu Ip Ching.
Wooden man classes.
Woodenman classes.
Wing Chun Pole Classes.
Hong Kong Class.
Woodenman class hong kong.
Hong Kong School.
Sifu Ip Ching sparring
woodenman in HK class
USA Sifus
Sifu Maduka from Turkey & Sifu Tony NZ
Sifu Tony & Sifu Ip Ching at Ip Mans home Chisau
Sifu Ip Ching School.
Sifu Ip Ching & President director Sifu Ron Heimberger.
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