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Free Martial Arts photo albums and slideshow are below. 

Also photos, plans and info how to build wooden men, step post dummys, books  , videos of advance lessons in the paid section. acess all for $10 download.(nb also free beginner lessons on utube).

In order to view extra Martial Art, educational vids and plans in the next section, you have to register on member register and be a paid subscriber.

To view the Martial Arts slide shows click here.

Self Defence Beginner Martial Arts Photos

Self Defence Siu Lim Tao Martial Art Photos

Self Defence Chum Kiu Martial Art Photos
Self defence Biu Gee Martial Arts Photos
Self Defence  Weapons,,wooden man Martial Art  Photos
Masters, Sifus and GrandMasters of Martial Arts

Master President Ron Heimberger Martial Art  Memorial Photos


Martial Art lunches and events

China ,Foshan & Beijing Kung Fu

Hong Kong Martial Arts


China - Scenery
China - Misc Martial Arts
Hong Kong - Scenery


Hong Kong - Misc

Martial Arts

Hong Kong Martial Arts - Classes | Sparring


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