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Sifu Ron Heimberger

Sifu Ron Heimberger
Ron Heimberger has many characteristics that make him an excellent Sifu. His character shines with zest and being a man of ethics, makes him a very easy person to relate to. To know someone who can communicate so well and perform skill so highly is an honour to Wing Chun and especially a credit to Sifu Ip Ching.

His devotion and great caring for Sifu Ip Ching is a very fine quality I highly admire. If you really are talented there's no need for intimidation.

Sifu Ron Heimberger has many qualities, being very  charismatic, humorous, highly skilled, also Author (of many Martial Art Magazines and books on behalf of Sifu Ip Ching), World Famous Sifu, Teacher, Martial Artist, and Hong Kong World Wing Chun Council President, who travelled and brought Representitives from around the world to spar in Hong Kong.
Still no word can completely describe Sifu Ron. All that I can simply say is that Ron Heimberger is a Special man who credits Sifu Ip Ching and Wing Chun History.



On Sifu Ron Heimbergers passing, the world lost a great person, and we also lost a special dear friend and Sifu.




Sifu Ron Heimberger
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