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Tony Brooks is a Sifu qualified from Hong Kong where he trained thanks to his teachings from world Famous Grand Master ,Ip Mans Sons, “Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun.” Sifu Tony Brooks is also Oceania Representitive and also fully Qualified by World Wing Chun Council, Hong Kong President, Sifu Ron Heimberger, and Ip Mans Newphew lineage . Tony is also Qualified in other Martial Arts but acclaims Wing Chun as the most advantageous and easiest to use.
Sifu Tony is a positive, friendly and helpful person who is very polite. Many take politeness for weakness, instead learn, confidence is polite. He is respected by his students for the fun and enjoyable way that they are able to learn. He quotes, safety first, gentleman minimum, the law of being decent. His in-depth understanding of Wing Chun allows him to give his students the very best quality of tuition and steps of success and enjoyment. Sifu Tony promotes respect, friendliness and views understanding, among his students and does not teach any aggressive or bad minded people. His aim is that people can learn Wing Chun in an enjoyable environment without injury or stress, helping to master control of stronger opponents.
Tony credits his skill to, and emphasis great appreciation for his Teachers in Hong Kong where both Ip Mans Sons, Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun are the reasons to Sifu Tonys skills. Sifu Tony has found Wing Chun essential to jobs he has done from bodyguard, repo agent,bouncer and licensed recovery and rescue where experience has given him a great appreciation. He teaches and has taught various people from those looking for a complete self defence to , proffessional Police, CIB, Bodyguard Services, Army personal, Bouncers, Security Agents, Customs etc.
This Hong Kong style Wing Chun lineage is rare around the world, exceptions in Sydney, England and Auckland. We hope more Qualified Teachers will spred into different areas in the future to help share in the Wing Chun Fun. Students can verify, attain proof and backing by the Wing Chun Association federates by phoning our Office.
Sifu Tony claims he will always be indebted to his Sifus for his qualifications and skill and many thanks to them. Tony regularly enjoys visiting his friends and Wing Chun family in Hong Kong where ,Bruce Lee lived, and was taught by Grand Master Ip Man, and where many Sifus and fighters from around the world try their skill . Giving and sharing his world knowledge of Wing Chun to many good people while promoting happiness, health, empowering good and helping the communites as is the basic way of Wing Chun. Sifu Tony Brooks believes in freedom, education,respect and happiness for all. Self defence, empowers one to protect life of self, friends and family, when at your worse, some wont let you have your life belongings,beliefs, or views.

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