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Wing Chun Martial Arts Defence Videos

These video pages are dedicated to Grand Master Ip Mans famous Sons, Sifu Ip Ching, Sifu Ip Chun and Wing Chun Council President Sifu Ron Heimberger.

- Their Teachings are forever appreciated from us here in New Zealand.

Special strikes etc... have been removed to stop copycats injuring their friends.

Power is nil effective without Target, which is the is the aim in these videos. Power strikes are performed on many different tools, e.g. woodenman, wallbags etc (preventing any injuries as safety is number one).

We hope Wing Chun will inspire you, in your positive goals and in your 1st line of defence for your family and friends .

Video Albums

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WING CHUN -1st level examples, Blindfolded target sparring, Multiple Opponent Sparring, & weapon defence, Video examples

ALBUM ONE; Siu Lim Tao 

ALBUM TWO ; Chum Kiu


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