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Grand Master Ip Ching

Ip Man had great love for his youngest son Ip Ching.
Sifu Ip Ching is a pillar of strength in Wing Chun World of which many different styles are not complete.

Sifu Ip Ching lived with his Dad, Sifu Ip Man in Hong Kong and was taught many things that were not passed onto other Students. He saw who was, and who was not a student of his Father and he shows the way in promoting good foundations. Many claim Sifu Ip Man but were never an official student or qualified by him.

 During World War 2, Sifu Ip Man taught many who were poor. What most paid, did not cover the price of rent on the spot they stood on, unlike Ip Man.
Sifu Ip Mans first teacher charged equal to over two houses as membership to learn Wing Chun.
Ip Mans second Wing Chun Teacher, was the Elite lineage of knowledge(main line,Leung Jan to Son Leung Bik) that passed onto Sifu Ip Man and indoor style continued to his Sons, Ip Ching and Ip Chun.
Sifu Ip Man taught many different types of Wing Chun versions, depending on the hearing, or education advantage of the student.

Sifu Ip Ching has kept this hidden system in impressive family order. Many famous people in history (and future) come from Wing Chun and Sifu Ip Ching has been a great influence to all four corners of the world.

A wise man with great experiences and history, Ip Ching taught in Ip Man's classes for many multiple years and continued after his fathers last days.
His experience is first hand, as living with his father Ip Man,- Ip Ching has a unique understanding of Wing Chun.

Here in New Zealand, many have their Wing Chun Certificates on their office/gym wall thanks to Ip Ching's givings.

I personally thank Ip Ching as I've changed from the 'ug ug' ways for precision. Ip Ching is truly a Masters, Great Master.

 Sifu Ip Ching is a treasure and honour to the title of Martial Arts. Thankyou Sifu Ip Ching.




Great Master Ip Ching
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