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Wing Chun MMA Fitness

Direct Ip man/Bruce Lee HONG KONG school teachings.

Wing Chun Fitness

About Us

Health benefits

Wing Chun is great for many, Fitness health benefits, including, balancing many systems from

 Breath, Blood Circulation, Ging Lik Energy, Body Strength, Realignments, Chi Generator, Immune Health Circulation, to Concentration and Progress Happiness.

Wing Chun is a health benefit and

Life Skill, as is

 swimming, first aid, defensive drivers course, cooking course, etc…

Tick your bucket list and have some fun,

Try a class  !

What do we do

We offer tution in special skills, no other Martial Art contains, from Authentic Wooden Man skills, close quater Chisau, Twin Swords, to body guarding techniques, plus more.

We educate without need for winners.

Learning can save years when you have tuition.

 Sports targets and street targets are both practised.

Wing Chun base is to disable an opponent using the least needed effort.

We aim for lifetime use knowledge, and empowering skill levels, and progress,more than prioritising a year length trophy.


Our Wing Chun, is from Bruce Lee

Hong Kong School, of Ip Mans Sons version, bringing opportunities to learn, increase fitness, and also options to teach with Accredited Hong Kong Certification.

Our mission is to give good people special ancient Wng Chun skills not found in any other Martial Art or system that are transferable into other sports, events and other skills.  
Life chi needs strengthening by good air/ breath and fitness resistance. Without movement, Chi circulation degenerates. With fun skills, all health systems builds strengths, endurance and enjoyment.

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