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We provide fun training in a specialised Martial Art, defending multiple opponents, to weapons, and ground skills.

For those interested, we will promote your videos in our library on our site.

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Join Hong Kong, Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Family Tree, the only direct school lineage in New Zealand.

The only Certified Sifu by Ip Man home family Sons style in Oceania.

Eg  https://alcetron.com/Ip-Ching  


We are we different ?

 uniquely, we are not Self given name Sifu, our titles given are from real Wing Chun lineage.

Many claim Ip Man but he, Ip Man did not claim many, like friends, on one hand.

We being accredit, Certify, endorse, and also provide Bussiness opportunities.

Join Official "3rd generation" from actual Ip Man.

( First Gen- Ip Man Sons| 2nd Gen Hong Kong Sifu Tony Brooks)                                              

Beginer Classes cost $15 per week.

Advance classes are $30 per week and double time of beginers.

Enjoy non competition, learning with friends and power strikes on wooden dummy.

Free Membership Certificate upon joining.

Join before June 2024 and no joining fee. ($20)


We offer community support being two weeks free for all interested in Wing Chun fun.

 Learn Defender options, to multiple offender, terror  tactics.

Train without strain and enjoy fun Wing Chun.

Enjoy our video examples.

If you are interested in joining,

Our  Hong Kong teacher is Certified in Ip Man Son version Wing Chun from Hong Kong in Cantonese, not Mandarin and teaches

as taught to him at Ip Mans home, and fighting School.

Our Accredited authentic Hong Kong tuition brings

 opportunities for many defenders, bodyguards

to movie stars to learn Bruce Lees Hong Kong Wing Chun style and skills.

Learn fun sports to vicious street style set of skills.

Video updates under library . More added soon.

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                               Master Wing Chuns

 Wooden Dummy man, to

Blindfold - night defender skills,

 Release tactics,

 Knife skills,

ChiSau gerk close quarter speed skills,

Biu Gee  Jitsu   - Ju Jitsu with biting and groin strikes etc.

Standing multiple  opponent tactics.

Weapons - close and long range,

Body guarding tactics,  

Ground fighting and releases

Multiple opponents, skilled tactics

Bouncer tactics,

Power  and physics strike laws,  learn Skills of Chinese takeaways.


Power is normally  practised on Wooden Man, not  on friends and family.


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Homewing chunip manbruce leecontactaboutselfdefensevideosmma historylineage



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2nd MMA - West Bruce Lee

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https://alcetron.com/Ip-Ching  https://peoplepill.com/I/ip-ching

NEWS 2024

New level Grade and  certification  28th October.

 Apply to Sifu Tony Brooks

Wrestling head gear  available $45

New videos soon.

October 2023

November 2023

New Wing Chun video Library and more to come.

Student volunteers are welcome to  add their videos to student library.


video library and interview with Sifu Tony

 Including topics  standing multiple people.

World horror - like Mumbai, Paris again.

 Histories biggest  TERRORISM  in  Israel. Death of families by those , who state

“Islam shall be built on the ashes of  all other civilizations”.

USA and Israel officially  warn of world expanding  Terror.

Cant we all just get along.

NEWS  2023


Wing Chun  holidays,

22nd December to  8th January .

School reopens January 9th 2024

“May the year 2024 bring all,  many good blessings !”

Sifu Tony has

 NFT pictures for sale $20 to $80.

Seminar  20th December !

Twin knife fighting

Vs unarmed/single/twin vs twin.

Upcomming videos

Enjoy new videos and additive library.


 Youtube -Long island teressa.

bruce lee

Welcome to Wing Chun Classes

Interestingly, population increases in Hong Kong  normally in these Years, known as the

“Year of the Dragon.”

Enjoy new videos and updates which will be done soon.

Sword Seminar

This entails indoor Sword lessons from Ip Mans Home in Hong Kong. Book with Sifu Tony Brooks before 20th Feb for supplied sword count . Seminar will be on

“ Wednesday the 21st February “


 Photos will be taken for of seminar by Sifu Tony Brooks,

If you do not like photos, please let Sifu Tony Brooks know in advance.

Grading uprank.

Apply to Sifu Tony Brooks

February 2024

 March 2024

Welcome !

We have some updates in the video section and more to be added.

Because of many  requests, there will be another sword seminar.

We here in NZ are celebrating the life of  Ng Wah Sum, a good friend of Sifu Tony Brooks from Hong Kong.

Ng Wah Sum was a student of Ip Man, and was known as one of the best Pole fighters.

He passed away in 2010 on a train in China.

Sifu Ip Chun was there to bring him back to Hong Kong.

“ Time is quick, and preferred to be shared with the good. It was an honour  to know you Ng Wah Sum ! - Sifu Tony. “   


PH or TEXT AREA & Name to 028 424 3415

(New phone)

  The only Hong Kong IP MAN Certified School in NZ

 direct from Cantonese, Hong Kong, Ip Man indoor home and  Ip Mans Sons Lineage .