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We hope you enjoy our fun video examples.

If you are interested in joining,

our teacher is Certified in Ip Man Son version Wing Chun from Hong Kong.

As taught at Ip Mans home, and School.

Our Accredited authentic Hong Kong

tuition brings

 opportunities for many defenders, bodyguards

to movie stars to learn Bruce Lees Wing Chun skills.

Learn fun sports to vicious street style.

Video updates under library . More added soon.

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Accredited Wing Chun from Hong Kong.

Become 3rd generation to Ip Man via Ip Man Sons (1st Gen)

and our Instructor.(2nd Gen)

No competition needed to learn, only fun.

Be capable in events of family defense, to weapon defense.

Police will try help after an event but not normally before an event

You are the first responder so learn Knowledge  with Experience in a safe enviroment

 and empower your  options.

                               Master Wing Chuns

 Wooden Dummy man, to

Blindfold - night defender skills,

 Release tactics,

 Knife skills,

ChiSau close quarter speed skills,

Biu Gee  Jitsu

Multi opponent tactics.

Weapons - close to long ,

Body guarding tactics,  

Ground fighting

Multiple opponents, tactics

Bouncer tactics,

Power  and strike laws,


                          Learn options safely with out injury.

                          Power is normally  practised on Wooden Man .



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NEWS  2023

New level Grade and  certification  28th October.

Wrestling head gear $45

New videos soon.

October 2023

November 2023

New Wing Chun video Library.

Student volunteers are welcome to  add their videos to student library.

Special videos with Sifu Tony can be booked via office

 and will be added to new

Upcomming video library



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Certified Hong Kong Teacher Lineage